Answers to FAQs About White Granite Countertops

Have white-hot questions about white granite tops? We’ve got answers.

White granite. Those two words bring to mind the sleekest, most elegant spaces… gourmet kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and high-end restaurants. It’s no secret that white granite countertops are desirable, but many home owners have questions about their durability, price, and design. Let’s get into it...

What is granite?

As HGTV explains, granite is a very hard stone that is 100 percent natural. It’s mined from quarries all around the world, cut down to a manageable size, and then polished to a fine finish.

Why is white granite so popular?

White granite fits seamlessly into the white kitchen trend that’s been hot for the last few years (and the foreseeable future). The light color and sheen bring light and the illusion of space into the tiniest of kitchens.

Is white granite more expensive?

White granite tends to be a bit more expensive than tan or black as it occurs less frequently in nature, but keep in mind: because white is rare and desirable, it will also add serious equity to your home:

Homes with granite surfaces always command higher sale prices on the open market than comparable homes in the same area without this desirable feature.


Do white granite countertops stain?

When they’re properly sealed, granite is extremely stain- and wear-resistant. White granite is actually best-suited for wear-and-tear among all colors of granite because it hides imperfections and blemishes that occur. Darker granite, on the other hand, will show damage and imperfections more than lighter variations.

Is white granite hard to maintain?

Granite is not maintenance-free, but it’s certainly manageable when you perform proper daily and seasonal maintenance. Basically, clean up messes as they happen and seal them when a splash of water no longer beads up on the surface.

What are some popular white granite designs?

Simple, solid white is always popular, but 2019 saw an uptick in a desire for details in granite. Veins, spots, and blotches are becoming as desirable as solid colors. We love the strong texture and warm accent colors in our White Springs granite.

Can I get a white granite that looks like marble?

Princess White is highly recommended for those looking to simulate white marble. This gorgeous countertop is compared to the moon, with light gray detailing, a subtle blue undertone, and a smooth, predominantly white surface. Our Matarazzo is a solid choice if you like this look!

What styles and colors of cabinets pair with white granite countertops?

This is an easy answer because white granite works with just about anything. You can go neutral white, solid black, rustic, traditional, mid-century, or even rainbow colors… everything goes with white. Check out a few of our favorite looks below.

Interested in granite countertops for your residential or commercial space? Explore our vast selection of patterns and colors here. Have more questions? Our countertop experts are on-call!