Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Are Worth the Investment

The kitchen. It’s a gathering space, a room to create, and a place to make memories with friends and family. If you’re ready to renovate your kitchen but want to be smart about your investment, read on. We’re exploring the kitchen remodeling ideas and projects that provide the most home equity and resale value.

Project #1: Appliances


Appliances are the pieces that make your kitchen unique in your home, and a great gas stove or high-end dishwasher will be a big selling point for buyers if you ever do decide to sell your home. As Realtor describes, “once the owners updated everything, ‘they received two offers the first week’ and the house sold at ‘significantly higher than asking.’”

Project #2: Cabinets


Cabinets are pricey, but they also make up a large portion of your kitchen’s surface area—so they had better be nice to look at. If your cabinets are in good shape right now, you may not need to replace them altogether. Consider a new stain or fresh coat of paint and some updated hardware—they’ll look brand new.

Project #3: Floors


The kitchen is a showpiece in the home and a high-traffic area, so flooring must be functional and beautiful. Consider hardwood or a hardwood-simulating luxury vinyl tile. Realtor reports that 82% of homeowners favor hardwood, and it never goes out of style.

Project #4: Countertops


Countertops are the kitchen’s workspace, so they need to be both dazzling and durable. The Spruce prefers quartz, saying: “one countertop material always leads the pack: quartz countertops. A hybrid of minerals and resins, quartz is a nearly perfect material for countertops.” We agree, and we can help you get the quartz countertops of your dreams!

Project #5: Lighting


Because the kitchen is a workspace and a beautiful room, lighting is key to functionality and enjoyment. The Spruce suggests using bold, beautiful pendant lights. You’ll enjoy the extra light, and if you ever sell your home, your kitchen will gleam and sparkle in the eyes of buyers.

Project #6: Backsplash


Besides cabinet paint, a new backsplash may be the least expensive kitchen remodeling idea on our list. A backsplash adds depth and draws the eye, and, when done well, is the icing on the cake. We love doing backsplashes for our customers!

Ready to take on one of our kitchen remodeling ideas? We’re experts in countertops and love to tackle custom projects, too! Contact our team and get a free quote today.