What better way to freshen up the look of your kitchen than updating your countertops? New countertops can bring out the best in your kitchen and make it more attractive for entertaining your friends or catching the attention of potential buyers.

For cabinetry, we work with only top quality manufacturers to ensure you get the right match for your new countertops. And if you need new backsplashes to go with your new counters, we can do that too! Just mention this when you speak to us and we’ll go over our available options.

Wondering what countertop would be best for your kitchen?



You’ll find that not many materials will beat quartz when it comes to durability. Quartz countertops come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They do not require sealing or staining and are very low maintenance. They are less likely to chip than granite and non-porous, which makes them easy to keep bacteria and germ free. While seams can show, we try to minimize this by avoiding unnecessary cutting. How much the seams show will also depend on the color and pattern that you choose.



Granite is known for its outstanding natural beauty. It is also water, heat, and stained resistant (when properly sealed), which makes it a great choice for the kitchen. When choosing granite tops, you have to make sure you have a strong base, as they can be very heavy. Granite is a porous surface, which means that you’ll have to use a cutting board when working with foods that may carry germs or bacteria to prevent them from spreading.



Marble has a natural beauty that not many other surfaces can match. When installing marble, it is very important to understand the maintenance it will require. Marble is very porous, which means that it can hold stains from foods like juice, oil, or wine.  Sealing it is thus also a major requirement that will help (although not prevent) staining.  Marble is also very heavy so it will require sturdy cupboards to support it.

We also carry many other products so your choices for countertops don’t stop here! Give us a call or visit us to learn more about our selection of stones.

All of our pieces are custom made so you can let your creativity run wild. Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen.

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